Scott Benson With Senior Citizen

Benson Gets Results


Scott Benson has a track record of success for changing lives in the district.

For example, Benson has been directly involved in negotiations to create or receive commitments on close to 1,000 jobs for the district. He has went after non-compliant and violence-ridden strip clubs, by writing and implementing an ordinance to expedite their closing. He also successfully worked to close over 165 illegal marijuana facilities.

Benson’s other notable accomplishments for the 3rd District include:

Blight Reduction: Authorized the demolition of over 10,000 residential and commercial properties, and helped to reestablish the citywide street sweeping program.

Job Creation: Helped shepherd over $150 million in job creating development in the 3rd District.

Community Benefits: Won fight to establish the only citywide community benefits ordinance in the country, based on a model created and tested by Benson in the 3rd District.

Focus on Seniors: Created the Third District Senior Task Force, which has activated over 3,000 seniors since its establishment.

Supporting Small Businesses: Created  the Small Business Development Task Force.

Going Green: Expanded the Green Task Force to include practitioners, industry and government.

Supporting Recycling: Increased the city resident participation of the voluntary curb side recycling program to 20% city wide, from 4%.

Revitalizing I-94: Established of the I-94 Industrial Park Community Advisory Boar.

Improving Transit Options: Championed establishment of Detroit to Oakland and Macomb County express bus service.

Meeting The Need: Fought to bring Hardest Hit Funds to the 3rd District where there were initially none.

Preserving Detroit: Advocated for the establishment of the Detroit Land Bank side lot program